Kyu Grading Examiner Criteria

Candidates must be recommended by a member of the Technical committee.

  1. Minimum grade 6th Dan 
  2. Teaches widely throughout the KUGB
  3. Well respected, reliable and trustworthy
  4. Trains regularly on KUGB courses. i.e. Black and Brown belt courses, special Dan courses etc.
  5. Fully involved with the KUGB. Championships, Refereeing, Organising, Squads
  6. KUGB Assessor
  7. Qualified instructor
  8. Professional instructor
  9. Promotes and maintains the KUGB maxims of Character, Sincerity, Effort, Etiquette and Self control
  10. Demonstrates loyalty and commitment to the KUGB

The KUGB grading system creates special training events out of gradings in a similar way that competitions do. It also creates an independent balance to the examination.

A special Kyu grading examiner course will be created and all examiners will be required to attend.

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