Covid 19 – Kyu Grade Subsidy

Covid19- Kyu grade subsidy

The KUGB recognise that due to COVID-19 our members are in unprecedented times. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that the KUGB Executive Committee, on the 19th July, agreed that Clubs may apply for a subsidy to assist them with the costs of hosting a KUGB Grading Examiner to undertake a Kyu Grading.

The decision to take this extraordinary action is in recognition of the challenging times we face as a KUGB family due to COVID-19.

Subject to meeting the following conditions, and upon approval in advance, the KUGB would pay:

1) the travel expenses incurred by the KUGB Grading Examiner.
2) a maximum of one hour of the Grading Examiner Hourly rate for the Kyu Grading Examinations.
Grading Fees and any additional hours required to complete the Kyu Grading will be paid by the Club to the Grading Examiner.

Conditions to be met by Clubs:
1) This will be effective immediately and will cover Kyu Gradings that take place up and until 31st October 2020.
2) Clubs may only apply for one subsidy only up until 31st October 2020.
3) Kyu Gradings must be organised for a minimum of 10 people taking the examination.
4) We encourage Clubs to work closely with other KUGB Clubs within their area to organise joint Gradings where possible to achieve the minimum number required.
5) Clubs hosting a grading must comply with the KUGB Guidance for Kyu Grading Examinations ( see guidance here).
Anyone wishing to take the examination must have met the grading criteria and hold a current KUGB Licence.
6) Clubs that wish to apply must make an application at least 5 working days in advance (*) via email to and provide the following information:
Name of Club
Date of Grading
Location of Grading
Name of Grading Examiner
Number of people taking Kyu Grades
(*) Those Clubs who have already had or who are scheduling a Kyu Grading in July may also make an application.
7) Once approved both the Club and the Grading Examiner will receive an email to confirm the subsidy.

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