Covid 19 – KUGB Return to Training

Covid19- KUGB Return to Training

Advice to all KUGB Instructors regarding training indoors

The purpose of this advice is to safeguard against the spread of the Covid-19 virus and it is based on Government guidance and Sport England’s directives.

Please note, dependent upon location, guidance may vary, and Dojo’s must follow their local Government guidance (Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales). Furthermore, where the Dojo is in a leisure centre, community hall etc. Instructors must also be aware and follow any specific guidance as directed by the venue management.

At the present time KUGB Clubs may only return to our Dojos under the following conditions:

Instructors should ensure that they and their students have read the KUGB Covid-19 Risk Assessments and any venue specific risk assessment. Instructors should conduct Risk Assessments and ensure Safeguarding protocols are followed.

Where class numbers are restricted, students should pre-book their training sessions.

If students have symptoms of Covid-19 they must not come to the Dojo and should arrange to be tested immediately.

Instructors must arrange training so that students maintain the social distance rule in all circumstances before, during and after training

Aim to achieve maximum ventilation i.e. windows and doors open whenever possible.

Before training, Instructors should check the temperature of all students. If they are above the admissible temperature, they must return home and self-isolate for seven days. If symptoms deteriorate, they should call 111 for medical advice.

People accompanying students must remain outside the Dojo and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Instructors and students must arrive for training in their Gi prepared to train. Changing rooms and showers are not to be used.

Hands must be cleansed with an alcoholic sanitiser gel before and after training.

Students should be encouraged to be aware of personal cleanliness, especially in the present situation.

All payments should be contactless. If cash is given it must be in a sealed envelope.

Training shoes must be worn during training.

Those present must keep at least two metres apart both in and around the area of the Dojo.

Instructors must refrain from physical contact with students, any correction of techniques must be made by verbal command.

Instructors should be especially vigilant when facing the class. Keeping as much distance as possible between themselves and students.

Participants should not use Kiai, shout or exhale forcefully.

Basic Kumite may be practised in a specially adapted way in which the students wear face masks and still maintain the two-metre social distance rule. No physical contact is permitted.

If First Aid is administered masks and gloves should be worn. Students should be encouraged to bring their own First aid kit (where possible).

All Instructors and students must have an up to date KUGB licence.

Instructors must keep a record of contact details of all students attending sessions in order to assist the Government’s track and trace programmes.

It is the Instructors responsibility to make sure that all students adhere to the conditions.

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