E.S.K.A.’s 2010, Koblenz, Germany



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E.S.K.A.’s 2010, Koblenz, Germany

Saturday 27th November 2010 to Sunday 28th November 2010

The KUGB's England Squad achieved excellent results at the 2010 European Shotokan Championships in Germany.

The English Contingent (pictured above):

Back row and standing

Jimmy Brennan – Stuart Gordon – John Bruce – Dean Field – Jonathan McGorian – Jack Somers – Mathew Humphries – Jordan Probst – Stephen Brown – Emma Nunn – Janine Collins – Mellissa Finlay – Harry Cuddy – Joseph Rawcliffe – Ryan Tucker – James McGorian – Garry Harford


Caroline McGrath – Hisham Saif – Holly Sterling – Liam O’Grady – Andy Sherry – Frank Brennan – Rhianne Blundell – Ashley Scott – Rebecca Rawcliffe – Megan Dent.

The KUGB’s England Squad achieved excellent results at this year’s European Shotokan Championships in Germany over the weekend of 26/27th November.

The event was held in the town of Koblenz and had the biggest entry in ESKA’s history with the competition being very intense.


The England Junior Male Team winning Gold after a hard fought match against Switzerland.

The England Junior Male Team consisting of Harry Cuddy, James McGorian and Joseph Rawcliffe put in terrific performances to reach the finals, where they won Gold after a hard-fought match against Switzerland. This is the third successive time that the Juniors have taken this title and is a great credit to them all.


Silver and Bronze medal winners in the Junior Male Individual Kumite event.

Joseph and James also took Silver and Bronze respectively in the Junior Male Individual event, Joseph being very unlucky to be disqualified for contact against his Russian opponent in the final.

England's Senior Kumite Team took 2nd place in a very close final against Germany.

England’s Senior Team consisting of John Bruce, Liam O’Grady, Ryan Tucker, Jonathan McGorian and the highly regarded Juniors, James McGorian, Joseph Rawcliffe and Harry Cuddy fought their way through to the finals in their usual spirited and positive way. The final, between England and the strong German team was very close, the result being 2-2 going into the final match with Germany taking the title in the final seconds.

The Senior Ladies Kumite Team took Bronze against Serbia in the semi-finals.

The Senior Ladies’ Team consisting of Ashley Scott, Holly Sterling, Rhianne Blundell and Caroline McGrath also produced a very good result, with them taking Bronze and just missing out on a place in the finals, being narrowly beaten by Serbia in the semi-finals.

England's Junior Ladies Team also took Bronze.

England’s Junior Ladies consisting of Janine Collins, Melissa Finlay and Emma Nunn also took bronze in their team event.

England's Senior Male Kata Team took 4th place with Niju Shiho.

Stuart Gordon, Dean Field and John Bruce achieved 4th place in the Senior Male Team Kata event with a very good performance of Niju Shiho.


The Junior Male Kata Team took 3rd place with Kanku Sho.

Jordan Probst, Hisham Saif and Jack Somers also put in a fine performance with Kanku Sho to take 3rd place in the Junior Male Team Kata.

Well done to Garry Harford who passed his exam to become an ESKA Referee.

All in all a very positive result for the England Squad who’s team spirit is second to none and consistently produce excellent results.

Well done to you all.


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