Special Dan Course & Grading



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Special Dan Course & Grading 2010 – 2nd October

The second of this year’s Special Dan Courses was held at the Queens Park Leisure Centre on Saturday 2nd October.

The free course is held twice yearly and is particularly designed for those students taking Sandan gradings and above.

Many congratulations to those who were successful.

New Godans

Passed Godan

Patricia Bruce
Paul Dowell
John Kennish

New Yondans

Passed Yondan

Astel Tomblinson
John Rogerson
Jennifer Madden

New Sandans

Passed Sandan

Rhonda Balfe Hoban
James Bartley
David Wright
Paul Dryden
Brian Lister
Joseph Mee
Joseph Shorrick
David Regan
Heidi Probst

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