Brown and Black Belt Course and Grading, Dumfermline



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Brown and Black Belt Course and Grading, Dumfermline – 25th October 2003

Carnegie Centre, Dunfermline

This free training session for KUGB Black and Brown Belts was extremely well attended, with students not only from all over Scotland but from clubs as far afield as the Isle of Man.

The sessions were conducted by Sensei Sherry, 7th Dan, assisted by Sensei Poynton 6th Dan and Sensei Naylor, 6th Dan.

The Senseis were impressed by the spirit and enthusiasm of the students, many of whom were not there to grade but had travelled long distances just to train – and this included many 3rd and 4th Dans, who are keen to maintain and improve their standard. The KUGB is proud to see such keenness and dedication and appreciates their efforts very much.

The Dan grading was successful, with many students attaining the coveted KUGB Black Belt.

Christine Pullan and Gordon Mathie (see picture above) passed Rokudan and Godan respectively and demonstrated a standard that left no doubt as to their dedication to training and knowledge and understanding of their Art. The KUGB is very proud of them and congratulate them and all who were successful.

The full results were as follows:

Shodan Passes

Stuart Anderson
Duncan Chan
Ley Taing Chan
Khadra Duff
Fraser Findlay
Graham Forbes
Craig Gordon
Megan Graham
Tanya Hopper
Michael Jordison
Laura Lambie
Laura McGregor
Sean McKeown
David McVay
Mark Miglionico
Kelly Sanson
Ashley Scott
Michael Scott
Andrew Wait
Natalie Wallace
Samantha Weatheritt

Sandan Passes

Gavin Dunlop
Thomas Johnston

Godan Pass

Gordon Mathie

Rokudan Pass

Christine Pullan

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