KUGB National Championships 2021

Yesterday, with a long list of Covid protocols in place, we held our first tournament, the 54th KUGB National Championships at the amazing David Ross Sports Village at the University of Nottingham.

Our Competitors and their families were greeted by Nottingham’s Robin Hood and Little John as they made their way into the venue to warm up for the eliminations, which started promptly at 10 am.

Alongside a large number of Karateka competing for the first time, there were many highly experienced competitors, including Internationals from the KUGB National Squads. Every match was fiercely contested as competitors were determined to do their best after their long-enforced break.

Once the eliminations were finished, there was a short recess which allowed not only the finalists to recharge their batteries, but also the Referees and Judges to get a respite from their very demanding schedule.

The finals started with the National Anthem followed by an introduction of the KUGB’s Technical Committee: Sensei Higgins, Sensei Jim Brennan, Sensei Frank Brennan and Sensei Garry Harford.

A minute’s silence was then held in memory of Sensei Bob Poynton who sadly passed away in March 2020.

The Sherriff of Nottingham, Councillor Merlita Bryan, was in attendance as our special guest and took the time to welcome everyone to Nottingham and wish them luck.

For over 30 years the KUGB has awarded special Long Standing Member certificates to those who have been members for 20 years or more, recognising their commitment, dedication and achievement as a valued member of the KUGB.

An additional 40 members received certificates this year and many of them were able to attend the Championships. Sensei Brennan then took time to meet and individually present certificates to those members who had reached the following milestones in their KUGB Karate careers.

20 years and over

David Hore

Rosie Lau

Sam Light

Julie Murphy

Sue Rugg

Jack Somers

Michael Threlfall

Scott Watson

Sarah Welsh

30 years and over

Dean Acreman

John Bruce

Leon Cole

Christopher Evans

Barbara Ives

David Ives

Chris Jones

John Murphy

Daniel Robinson

Caroline Weir

40 years and over

David Bullock

Rob Manning

And a fantastic 50 years and over

Michael Padgett

Malcolm Threlfall

Collin Schubert.

All of the finals saw outstanding performances with those watching witnessing the depth and strength of the KUGB and the talent and potential of our younger members. Special mention should go to Rhianne Blundell who had a baby just one year ago and came back to win the Senior Female Kumite.

At the end of every National Championships four perpetual memorial trophies are presented for the most outstanding Senior, Junior and Child competitors in honour of the late Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, Sensei Derek Langham and Sensei Charles Naylor.

For the first time, we presented the Bob Poynton Memorial Trophy, which was awarded for an outstanding performance at the Championship. The Trophy was sponsored by JC Trophies, Steve Stubbs from South Notts SKC and an anonymous donor. Bob’s Brother, Jim and his Sister, Doreen, very kindly agreed to present the trophy today to the first-ever recipient.

It was a fantastic day and additional thanks must go to the staff of the David Ross Sports Village, Dr. Tim Baker and our Team of Medics, all of the Referees, Judges and Table Officials and the very many volunteers who give countless hours to the KUGB.

As one person said as they left “Isn’t it fantastic to be alongside our KUGB family again. We can’t wait for the next one”.

Full results are below :-


Bob Poynton Memorial Trophy

The Bob Poynton Memorial Trophy for Most Outstanding Performance was presented to Malvern.

Sensei Enoeda Trophy

The Sensei Enoeda Trophy for the Most Outstanding Competitor over 21 was presented to Ethan Armstrong, Leeds Shotokan.

Derek Langham Trophy

The Derek Langham Trophy for Most Outstanding Competitor 16-20 was presented to Jade Stapleton-Smith, Leeds Shotokan.

Charles Naylor Trophy

The Charles Naylor Trophy for Most Outstanding Competitor Under 16, presented by the Sherriff of Nottingham, Councillor Merlita Bryan, goes to Myla Pu, Malvern.

Male Team Kumite

  1. Malvern
  2. Leeds Shotokan
  3. Kirkby A
  4. Kirkby B

Senior Male Individual Kumite

  1. Ethan Armstrong – Leeds Shotokan
  2. Joseph Rawcliffe – Malvern
  3. Robert Crowney – Malvern
  4. Andrew Mills – Zanshin NI

Male Individual Kata

  1. Jack Somers – Senshuken
  2. Alex Cockx – Hale
  3. Nick Nelson – Chelmsford
  4. Sam Light – Sendai Kushiro

Female Team Kumite

  1. Malvern
  2. Kirkby
  3. Chelmsford
  4. Cambridge University

Female Senior Individual Kumite

  1. Rhianne Rawcliffe – Malvern
  2. Caroline McGrath – Leeds Shotokan
  3. Lauren Livingstone – Bargoed
  4. Lottie Lindsley – Yudansha

Female Individual Kata

  1. Cristina Finta – Shotokan Karate Academy
  2. Rachel Edwards – Merthyr Tydfil
  3. Bethany Miller – Sendai Kushiro
  4. Darlene Munyaneza – North Staffs

Male Junior Individual Kumite 18-20

  1. Jade Stapleton-Smith – Leeds Shotokan
  2. Luciano Zanuni – Leeds Shotokan
  3. Callum Wilson – St Johns
  4. Taylor McLeish – Chesterfield

Female Junior Individual Kumite

  1. Katherine Cheshire – Malvern
  2. Libby Bayley – Malvern
  3. Rebecca Adie – Sendai Kushiro
  4. Christina Furtuna – Basingstoke

Male Junior Individual Kumite 16-17

  1. Marcus Barker – Kirkby
  2. Bradley Barker – Kirkby
  3. Tommy Mee – Kirkby
  4. Bryn Nichol – Merthyr Tydfil

Adult Team Kata

Sendai Kushiro

Children’s Team Kata

Sendai Kushiro A
Sendai Kushiro B
Boys Over 5522 Kumite

Boy’s Individual Kumite – 5’5″ and over

Sonny Groves – Malvern
Jake Roberts – Tamworth
Arthur Turner – Leeds Shotokan
Alexander Lockett – Chelmsford
Boys Kumite 55.522

Boy’s Individual Kumite – 5’-5.5”

Jakob Bruce – Malvern
Jonny Luke – Sendai Kushiro
Jack Oliver – Malvern
Sandeep Singh – Solihull Karate Academy
boys kumite under 5

Boy’s Individual Kumite – Under 5′

Mohamed Elwerfalli – Shotokan Karate Academy
Connor Coleman – Stock
Michael O’Neill – Zanshin NI
Sean Leader – Malvern
Boys kumite 10 11


Boys Individual Kumite 10-11 years

Elijah Bruce – Malvern
Oliver Curnyn – Kirkby
Amandeep Singh – Solihull Karate Academy
Alfie Bant – Solihull Karate Academy
Girls Kumite over 5322


Girls Individual Kumite 5’3″ and over

Skye Taylor – Stock
Nicole Janowicz – Malvern
Natalie Mellish – York Elite
Carolina Alvarez-Odell – York Elite
Girls Kumite Under 5322

Girls Individual Kumite – Under 5’3″

Kayla Davison – Sendai Kushiro
Rojin Rafie – Sendai Kushiro
Evie Newman – Tamworth
Ruby Stiff – Regashi

Girls Individual Kumite – 10-11 years

Azhin Rafie – Sendai Kushiro
Lily-May Ralph – Okami
Sofia Zarifi – Sendai Kushiro
Skyla Munyaneza – North Staffs
Ippon Kumite 3rd Kyu and above


Children’s Ippon Kumite – 3rd Kyu and above

Dawud Zarifi – Sendai Kushiro
Kitti Shillaw – Sendai Kushiro
Bilal Zia Shotokan Karate Academy
Ismael Kasar – Shotokan Karate Academy

Children’s Ippon Kumite – 4th Kyu and below

Myla Pu – Malvern
Alfie Mullins – Malvern
Ayla Jansen – Solihull Karate Academy
Harshita Mahamuni – Sendai Kushiro
Boys Black Belt Kata

Girls Individual Kata – Dan Grades

Grace Snowdon – Sendai Kushiro
Ava Coulthard – Sendai Kushiro
Megan Fox – Sendai Kushiro
Rojin Rafie – Sendai Kushiro
Boys Black Belt Kata

Boys Individual Kata – Dan Grades

Matthew Johnston – Zanshin NI
Daniel Chambers – Bargoed
Ben Whiteman – Chelmsford
Josh Land – Kaizen

Boys Individual Kata – 1st to 3rd Kyu

Shanujan Raveenthiran – Barnsley
Ben Chang – Chelmsford
Benjamin Thorne – Lympstone
Rhys Davies – Merthyr Tydfil
Girls Brown Belt Kata

Girls Individual Kata – 1st to 3rd Kyu

Lily McNaught – Malvern
Natalie Mellish – York Elite
Inesha Pavanasingham – Barnsley
Katie Moran – Stock
Boys Kata 4th Kyu and below

Boys Individual Kata – 4th Kyu and below

Alfie Mullins – Malvern
Jack Jesson – Pegasus WIngfoot
Alfie Sippitts – Tamworth
Lewis Hogg – Tamworth
Girls Kata 4th Kyu and below

Girls Individual Kata – 4th Kyu and below

Myla Pu – Malvern
Jessika-Rose Dobson – Chesterfield
Zizi Templado – North Staffs
Vishaka Vijayaruban – Barnsley

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