KUGB Statement regarding Online Training

KUGB Statement regarding Online Training

On March 17th 2020 the KUGB cancelled or postponed all its events in response to the Covid 19 outbreak in support of the national effort to combat it. Since then the ability to continue or even begin karate training using modern technology from the home has proved possible for many. Keeping connected, active and engaged through the practice of karate brings many positive physical and psychological benefits.
However it is important to be aware that KUGB members who instruct or train in interactive online classes do so independently and at their own risk as personal accident insurance does not cover injuries sustained in such classes. KUGB instructors’ public liability insurance extends only in respect of students who hold a current KUGB licence and then only where the instructor has fully assessed the risks and is teaching appropriately in light of them. The KUGB is currently exploring the question of enhanced insurance cover with its provider. In the meantime, KUGB instructors who choose to deliver independent online training sessions in these circumstances should consider seeking legal advice if they have concerns about their position.

There are numerous safety considerations with online classes. Many of these are equally relevant to classes held in a physical dojo and will be familiar to all. However some of these will require particular emphasis whilst others will be new and unique to the process of online teaching and learning. They will include but are not limited to:

* the suitability of the training space;
* the use of the technology to achieve optimal communication; class content and teaching methodology;
* class administration.

Children and young people under 18yrs of age will require special consideration. No child or young person should participate in online classes without the express written consent of a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian should further undertake to ensure a safe environment and an appropriate level of supervision commensurate with the child’s age whenever they participate in an online class.

It is the responsibility of those choosing to instruct or train in online classes to fully assess all the risks and to take reasonable measures to ensure a safe environment for all. The KUGB has drafted non-exhaustive reference documents as guidelines for instructors and club members. They indicate the types of risks involved and the precautions and safety measures you should consider applying in respect of online training sessions.

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