KUGB Statement

Dear Members,

As some of you may be aware, an article was published in the Daily Mail today regarding the former chair and chief instructor of the organisation, Andy Sherry.

We would like to reassure members that the KUGB’s safeguarding procedures were engaged immediately as soon as this matter was drawn to our attention. The police were involved from the outset and we have been assisting them with their investigation at every stage. Whilst no arrest or charges have been made, the KUGB have been in close liaison with the investigating officer throughout this period. We have taken appropriate action regarding safeguarding measures in accordance with advice from the authorities and in order to protect our members.

Due to the nature of the police investigation, we will be adhering to the confidentiality policy set out by the police. However, the KUGB will continue to assist the police in their investigation and maintain an open line of communication with its members, where possible.

The KUGB regards the safety of our members, in particular the safety of children and young people, to be paramount and to this end continuously review our policies and procedures.

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