Special Dan Grade Course – October 2023

Each year, the KUGB offers two free Special Dan Grade Courses for members with a 1st Dan and above.  Today’s course took place in the fabulous Sports Village at Bath University.

Sensei Billy Higgins, Sensei Frank Brennan, and Sensei Jim Brennan, members of the KUGB’s Technical Committee, lead these courses, focusing on advanced Kata, Kihon, Kumite, and Bunkai. These sessions are designed to refine members’ skills to meet the  KUGB’s high standards.

All black belts are encouraged to attend, not just those preparing for grading, to maintain the KUGB’s technical excellence.

After a two-hour class, there was a short break before grading began.  During the grading, the Examiners evaluate Kata precision, attitude, discipline, technical proficiency, and other key elements to ensure high standards are maintained.

Congratulations to the successful candidates:

Godan (5th Dan)

Yondan (4th Dan)

Sandan (3rd Dan)

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