Special Dan Grading – April 2023

Each year, the KUGB offers two free Special Dan Grade Courses exclusively for its members holding a 1st Dan and above.

Sensei Billy Higgins, Sensei Frank Brennan and Sensei Garry Haford, all members of the Technical Committee, bring their extensive expertise and vast experience to work with our members on advanced Kata, Kihon, Kumite, and other critical aspects such as Bunkai. These sessions are designed to refine and enhance the skills of our members, ensuring they meet the rigorous standards set by the KUGB.

The KUGB places a strong emphasis on maintaining high technical standards, and as such, all black belts are encouraged to attend these courses, not just those who are preparing for grading. This ensures that all members continue to develop their skills and uphold the quality for which the KUGB is renowned.

After a detailed two-hour class, there is a short break before the grading begins. During the grading, our experienced Examiners meticulously evaluate  a variety of aspects including the precision and execution of  Kata, attitude and discipline, technical proficiency, and other important elements. This thorough assessment process ensures that we keep the high technical standards of the KUGB.

Congratulations go to the following successful candidates :

Rokudan (6th Dan)

Carol Fortune receiving her 6th Dan grader

Godan (5th Dan)

Yondan (4th Dan)


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