Statement : A. Sherry

On 22nd March, 2024 the KUGB’s former chief instructor, Andy Sherry, was convicted at Liverpool Crown Court of five criminal offences of a sexual nature relating to two victims. The case has been adjourned for sentence.

The KUGB is deeply saddened by the commission of these offences and by the impact on the victims.

The KUGB’s safeguarding officer was contacted by Merseyside Police in August 2020 and liaised closely with them throughout their investigation. Their advice regarding proportionate safeguarding measures was immediately followed. These remained in place until Mr Sherry left the organisation in March 2021. He was charged with the offences in August 2021.

Subsequently the KUGB commissioned a review of its governance and in light of its recommendations a Safeguarding Committee was established in May 2021. It is comprised of the Safeguarding Officer and two senior members of the executive committee and enhances the organisation’s safeguarding provision. It is responsible for promoting the best possible standards of safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults in all KUGB clubs and competition squads.

The KUGB is committed to taking all reasonable steps to provide a safe environment for people of all ages to enhance their lives through the practice of karate-do. It recognises its duty of care to all members but in particular children and vulnerable adults and will continue to strive to create the positive circumstances in which they can flourish.

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