Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for all KUGB Instructors and Students

The Art of Karate-Do places great emphasis on the Dojo code which aims to improve the character of its students through the development of respect, sincerity, effort, etiquette and self control through Karate training. The Karate Union of Great Britain uses this code of behaviour so that technical skill, physical fitness and good behaviour become synonymous with Karate-Do.

Character improvement is developed through the practices that are involved within its structured classes and has an important effect on the practitioners general well being both behaviourally and physically.

All KUGB members have a duty to behave in ways that maintain and enhance the reputation of their Dojo and the KUGB, instructors have a particular responsibility as they greatly influence the behaviour of their students.

Instructors must ensure that the following code of behaviour is explained and adhered to by all students in their charge.

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