Sensei Clive Davies

Clive started Karate back in the early 90s under Sensei Roger Sayce when a friend took him along to the Aberaeron dojo. He found it very hard at the beginning but was keen and after a while started training at the Aberystwyth dojo as well to get more training in. This is where he met the seniors of the club and through them he started to understand more about Karate as a complex martial art with many layers. Later that same year a group from the club went on the Summer course at Lancaster, where he was first introduced to the KUGB senior instructors, and then at the spring course in Torbay the following year.

Despite only being low grade this experience inspired him to seek more knowledge and he has attended every since. Each and every year he discovers New elements of our martial art.

Over the years he competed at many national and regional competitions and since 2007 he has been a KUGB referee and has officiated regularly at many competitions. He feels it is a great privilege to have been selected as a senior instructor to the Tekki Rs group of clubs and together with Sensei Simon Thompson continues to run a major club in Wales and enjoy a great level of success at National and regional competitions, picking up the Best Club in Wales award several times.

While competition success is important, the rewards are gain by taking a beginner all the way through to Dan grade, and seeing how they grow in confidence and mature as a martial artist.

In addition to teaching and refereeing he still travels all over the country to train at Black and Brown belt courses and regional course, continuing to learn and enjoy all elements of Karate, Hopefully for many more years.

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