Sensei Richard Poole - 7th Dan

Sensei Richard Poole

Richard has trained and taught karate within the KUGB for over 40 years. His broad based experience in Shotokan karate was developed whilst in membership of various karate clubs in Rhyl, Prestatyn, Buckley, Cardiff and the Red Triangle in Liverpool and through training and teaching on courses in the UK and overseas.

Richard graded 1st Dan in 1977 and at the 2018 KUGB National Championships, Richard was awarded his 7th Dan by KUGB Chairman, Sensei Andy Sherry.

During his time in Cardiff University and after graduating, Richard won many titles and represented Wales internationally with the KUGB and also the Welsh All Styles Association in Kata and in Kumite.

Following retirement from competition Richard undertook a number of leadership roles in karate Nationally and Internationally. These included:

Chairman of the KUGB in Wales (24 years).

Chairman of the governing body for Karate in Wales (6 years).

Chairman of the British Karate Federation (6 years).

Manager of the British All Styles Team – top competing nation in the WKF World championships in South Africa 1996.

Member – referee commission of the European Karate-do Association (ESKA) 2008 – to date

Member – referee commission World Shotokan Karate-do Association (WSKA) 20013 – to date

President of ESKA 2008 – to date.

President of the WSKA 2009 – to date.

In addition Richard was the National kata coach for the Welsh KUGB team for a number of years and an international referee for over 20 years.

Richard teaches karate within the UK and internationally.

In 2003 he became chief instructor to Cambridge University Karate Club and is very proud of the many achievements of CUKC members; in particular the record number of consecutive varsity wins over Oxford University, the victory over Keio University in Japan in 2007 and the number of CUKC members who have represented the KUGB internationally.

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