Sensei Ron Hicks

Ron started training in Bath in September 1971, under Brian Middleton. Sensei Poynton conducted his first ever grading at the Bath club (aged 22 years!) in June 1972 and later claimed to have been as nervous as those grading.

He passed his 1st Dan in June 1975, before starting at Exeter University, where he met Rob Welsh. Although they trained at the Exeter dojo under Dave Collacott, they started “The Blue Circle” club at St Lukes, and Lin Watson – later to become Rob’s wife – enrolled. Ron moved to the Midlands in January 1980, teaching in the same school as Rob Welsh – they were becoming a double act.

He became a referee in 1982 and Rob Welsh toured the country, refereeing at many of the Cliff Hepburn Open Championships – each one was ‘an experience’ to say the least. These tournaments made them both appreciate the KUGB events all the more.

In 1985, Ron taught in an English school in Kuwait and opened up a club in the school. He had returned to England for the Lancaster Course in 1990 when Kuwait was invaded, so Karate has definitely contributed to his well-being.

On returning to Kuwait in September 1991, he helped to set up the Kuwait Karate Federation which was affiliated to the JKA.>/p>

He returned to Bath in June 1994 and has instructed at the club since then. He and eleven other Dan grades are currently training with the Central Region Squad under Sensei Frank Brennan.

In October 2018, Ron successfully graded to 6th Dan.

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