Sensei Carol Fortune

Born in the city of Liverpool, 8th February 1956, Carols introduction to martial arts was through watching Bruce Lee’s movies.  Fascinated by his talent and physique, a few days later she decided to enrol In Shaolin karate club, Tagus Street Liverpool, under the instruction of the late Sensei Ronnie Colwell.

Carols training began in December 1974, when the Karate Association was T.N.K, achieving her 9th Kyu on 23rd March, 1975 with Frank Vernon, and achieving her 1st Dan on 13th December 1981 under Sensie Colwell. In July 1982, Carol left due to family commitments. During this time, she was preoccupied with thoughts of Karate and the importance it had on her life. Four healthy kids and twelve years later it was 1994 when New Heys Karate Club almost fell on her lap. Her two sons were frequenting the club, and managed to inspire her to re-join in spite of her apprehension. With the assistance of Sensei John Lloyd, Carol committed herself to an arduous training regime under K.U.G.B rulings. Obliging to regrade for her 1st Dan, because of her lengthy absence, she achieved her 1st Dan once again, on 27th May 1995, Under the late Sensei Enoeda.

During the past 4 decades , Carol Fortune has travelled the United Kingdom to pursue her interest in courses, squad training and selected for Inter regionals at Barnsley becoming a devoted and important member of the red triangle karate club.

Beginning her refereeing in 2002, 3 years after her Instructor Qualification Carol saw her daughter Jade also qualify as a 1st Dan, keeping it a family tradition.

Notable achievements include her 2nd Dan, Sep 1998, 3rd Dan April 2004, 4th Dan April 2008 , her 5th Dan on 4th October 2014 in Bath, and her most prolific grading yet, 6th Dan in 2023.

Carol continues to train hard at the Red Triangle,  mixed with fostering, working with the KUGB. Her future ambitious are to continue her dedication to karate, training and Refereeing and Judging.

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