Referees & Judges Course – May ’24

Referees and judges are key to any competition, ensuring fairness and integrity in all matches.  By accurately assessing performance and enforcing rules, these referees and judges help foster a respectful and competitive environment, which is essential for the growth and development of all Karateka.

In order to qualify as a KUGB Judge or Referee, our black belts undergo a theoretical and physical examination process under the watchful eye of Sensei Jim Brennan (8th Dan) and Sensei Rob Welsh (7th Dan).

Congratulations to Owyn Roberts and Nilupuli Samarasinghe who successfully passed their Referees qualification at the first course of 2024.

Three people in Referees uniforms after successfully passing a qualification  Three people in Referees uniforms after successfully passing a qualification

Well done to all who attended the Referees and Judges course, and the Timekeepers and Recorders course.
We would also like thank our members who volunteered to do Kata and kumite, from Tamworth Shotokan Karate Club Solihull Karate Academy and Barnsley Shotokan Karate Club.

people standing in a line after attending a referees & judges course


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